Bequia Beachfront Villas
US$ 1200000
EC$ 3240000
Bequia, Friendship Bay.
Bequia Beachfront Villas
Listing status: closed
Property type: residential
Property ID: 113
Listing type: property for sale
Price: US$1.2M

Bequia Beachfront Villas are located on Bequia (Bek-Way), St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Bequia is an up-and-coming hot spot in the Caribbean, it's lush rainforests, natural white-sandy beaches and celebrity approved resorts and dining areas become more exposed each day. The exclusive Bequia Beachfront Villas are on the mile long beach called Friendship Bay. You have your choice of walking, jogging or simply sitting on the lovely soft white coral sand, and gazing at the clear aquamarine water where swimming, snorkeling, and diving is at it's best.

The Villas are just steps away from Friendship Bay Beach, which is on the South East side of the island. Cooling trade winds and gentle breezes create a pleasant environment. Bequia is an enchanting island nine (9) miles south of St. Vincent. It is seven (7) square miles of tropical beauty, and is commonly known amongst yachting enthusiasts from all over the world as the Jewel of the Caribbean. Very few Caribbean islands affords such a tranquil and spectacular location, adorned by quiet lagoons, untouched reefs, and long stretches of near deserted beaches.

The very spacious wooden, high beamed porches, lends itself to luxurious dining and lounging, for intimate occasions or large groups of people. Each one of our villas have French Doors leading onto their own private verandahs. All villas are uniquely and exquisitely decorated, each with it's own flair.

Bequia is known for the most elite charter companies, sailing and diving in the Caribbean. It is very near to the island of Mustique, which many celebrity homes can be found on, including Mick Jagger and the world famous designer Ralph Lauren.

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