Tranquility Villa/Moon Hole
US$ 1590000
EC$ 4293000
Bequia, Moonhole.
Tranquility Villa/Moon Hole
Listing status: active
Property type: residential
Property ID: 70
Listing type: property for sale
Price: 1.59 Million
Lot size: 21625 sq ft

On the remote island of Bequia in a community hand sculpted out of stones and shells Tranquility Villa is deeply connected to the sun, wind and sea.

The Villa is 7,600 sq ft and the land area is 21,625.  It has a Master bedroom and three guest rooms all with en suite bathrooms with hot and cold showers.  The above deck has a wrap around porch with swimming pool, dining room and a well equiped kitchen.  The house is surrounded by a terrased garden.  The house generates its electricity by solar panels. 

The closest road ends at the beach a few hundred feet below the house.  Foot paths shaded by the dense tropical forest canopy connect the Moonhole houses to one another and the main road.

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