Tamarind Villa, Palm Island
US$ 425000
EC$ 1147500
Palm Island, Grenadines, St. Vincent & the Grenadines.
Tamarind Villa, Palm Island
Listing status: active
Property type: residential
Property ID: 1413
Listing type: property for sale
Price: 650000
Bathrooms: 2
Bedrooms: 2

Prime location on Palm Island
Great, 180 degree views over coral reefs and the Grenadine Islands.
Waterfront land reaches the sea on three sides.
2 bedrooms    2 bathrooms, living, dining, kitchen. Outdoor dining.
Built area; c 3000 sq ft. 0.3 acre plot (12,726 sq ft) plot of gardens.
Distance to Mustique 45 nautical miles
Access via Grenada International Airport to Carriacou airport or via Barbados International Airport via Union Island and a boat on to Palm Island
65 year lease
The property has power and waste collection.
There is an approx. fee of 20,000USD per annum to the Resort for upkeep of the roads, dockage, island maintenance and waste disposal, and electricity facilities.
Water is provided via the standard local catchment system.

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