Generation Gap House at Moonhole
US$ 229000
EC$ 618300
Bequia, Moonhole.
Generation Gap House at Moonhole
Property type: residential
Property ID: 284
Listing type: property for sale
Price: 299000
Bedrooms: 4
Lot size: 13191 sq ft

The “Generation Gap House” at Moonhole, Bequia is situated steps above the secluded Moonhole beach with panoramic views of the Grenadines to the south.Constructed of stone and tropical woods in the 1980s by local craftsmen and recently renovated, the house is a fine example of the imaginative architectural style of Moonhole’s founder, Tom Johnston.

Surrounded by trees, the house has four bedrooms, an expansive living and dining area with a whale rib bar, a lush interior garden, a fully-equipped kitchen and three open air decks.The house is equipped with a solar power system and has large water storage capacity.

The lot contains 13,191 sq. ft., as shown on survey plan No.GR2/54. Moonhole Company Limited is offering this unique property for sale at USD$229,000.

Moonhole Company Limited owns the westernmost end of Bequia and conserves the lands as a private nature preserve and bird sanctuary.The company maintains an office and commissary, a permanent staff, and security to serve the needs of homeowners and guests.

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