Napa Bulding
US$ 2200000
EC$ 5940000
St. Vincent, Kingstown.
Napa Bulding
Listing status: active
Property type: commercial
Property ID: 28
Listing type: property for sale
Price: USD$2,200,000
Lot size: 6154 sq ft
House size: 7316 sq ft

The subject property comprises 6,154 sq ft of land and a 7,316 sq ft two floor commercial building, constructed post 1990.

The property is located at Upper Bay Street, in Kingstown and as a consequence, all the amenities associated with an urban area are available here. There are adequate pipe-borne water, electricity, telephone and fire protection services available in the area. Commuter transport is available at most times of the day, to any part of the country. This makes the area extremely accessible. From a development stand point, this area is modernized with the Cruise Ship Terminal located opposite the property and the New National Insurance Headquarters adjacent to it. The area is suitable for any type of commercial activity.

The constuction of the building are as Follows:- Envelope - Structural Steel

Foundation - Strip foundation, with reinforced concrete column and concrete block foundation walls.

Floors - Reinforced concrete slab with vinyl tile and plastered finish.

Internal Walls - Rendered concrete blocks and grooved ply.

External Walls - Rendered Concrete Blocks.

Doors - French, panel timber doors and glazed aluminium entry doors.

Windows - Aluminium frame windows.

Roof - Flat roof of reinforced concrete and a suspended ceiling designed for construction of a second floor that will front unto long lane upper street.

Stairs - Concrete internal stairways serves as access and connect the two floors and rooftop.

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