Bequia Estates Lot 1
US$ 395000
EC$ 1066500
Bequia, Bequia, Bequia Estates.
Bequia Estates Lot 1
Listing status: active
Property type: land
Property ID: 1534
Listing type: property for sale
Lot size: 26566 sq ft

Property Details

  • 0.6098 Acres
  • 26566 Sq Ft
  • Prime Location
  • Mature Wooded Hillside Lot
  • Elevated and impressive West , South and East views over Princess Margarets Beach and Admiralty Bay
  • Easy access to Bequias best beaches and port
  • Easy road access on three sides
  • Panoramic west coast location }
  • This land is on an incline.
  • Garden
  • Online Viewing By Request
  • Parking

BEQUIA ESTATES in Richmond, is one of Bequia's most respected luxury villa locations.

This generous 1/2 acre plot enjoys a superb position on the sought after Bequia Estate. The lot has superb road access on three sides. The panoramic views include both Admiralty Bay and the Caribbean Sea.

From Lot 1 Bequia Estates you are assured of beautiful sunsets and the refreshing Caribbean breeze. The elevation provides a slightly cooler air temperature and a serene and peaceful environment.

The plot provides the perfect location for a residential or vacation rental villa. The rich and fertile land is natural sloaping woodland. The plots includes some larger mature trees which are beautiful and provide shade and thriving habitats for birds. There is some beautiful bird song on the lot.

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