River Doree Balembouche
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St.Lucia, St. Lucia, River Doree, Quarter of Choiseul.
River Doree Balembouche
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Property type: residential
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Lot size: 23 Acres sq ft



Located at River Doree, Quarter of Choiseul, St. Lucia


This 22.7-acre ocean side property is located in the community of River Doree, district of Choiseul, on the South-West Coast of St. Lucia. It has been identified as a location ideal for an eco-friendly, low impact resort community, retirement village or retreat center.

River Doree Beach is strategically located just 20 minutes from the Hewanorra

International Airport, and 35 minutes to the town of Soufriere. This area one of the most naturally stunning and culturally rich parts of the island.  The region is collectively referred to as the "Bread Basket of Saint Lucia."

Nearby attractions include the Balenbouche Estate Heritage site, the Saltibus Rainforest Trail and Waterfall, several Amerindian archaeological sites, the Laborie village and beach, and the Choiseul village and Arts and Craft Center.  The small community of River Doree is home to the island’s oldest church, the River Doree Anglican church, built in 1846 and one of the islands first schools, built in 1848.


The property offers 23 acres of freehold land including 928 feet of water frontage, which amounts to an additional 4.8 acres of queen’s chain. It is located just a few hundred yards from the main road, bounded by an old estate road to the North, a small residential development to the East, the River Doree to the West and the Caribbean Sea to the South.  On one side the land drops off to a small ravine and to the Anse Touloulu beach which is accessed via the old estate road. On the other side it slopes down to the lush forested banks of the river, which further downstream creates a beautiful lagoon opening up onto a small sandy beach. Three beaches adjoin the property, the River Doree Beach, a small adjoining bay also suitable for swimming, and a larger beautiful black sand beach, Anse Touloulu.


The Pitons, St. Lucia's trademark twin volcanic peaks, can be seen from the property, as well as the setting sun over the Caribbean Sea.  


The River Doree, one of the islands largest rivers, runs along the Western boundary. The old French name ‘Riviere Doree’ means “gold river,” named after the false gold found in the riverbed. The old stone ruins and machinery of an 18th century sugar mill can be found alongside the river.  The remains of two other stone structures are at a higher elevation.  

The property is also a significant archaeological site where many Amerindian artifacts have been recovered. The Choiseul area is known for its strong Amerindian influence, still seen in some of the traditions, particularly pottery and basket making, as well as traditional boat building. Choiseul/La Pointe Carib was the last stronghold of the Carib Indians, and most certainly the River Doree Beach beach was used to launch the wooden fishing canoes upon which they depended for their livelihood.


The property offers a range of possibilities with few restrictions other than preserving the natural beauty of the land, beach and watershed area which is responsible for much of its appeal. The nearby rural communities offer readily available labor, local knowledge, and a friendly, welcoming spirit. The main road and utilities are easily accessed. Shopping, banking, a hospital, airport and other amenities are just a 20 minute drive away. Laborie and Choiseul harbor offer anchorages for small to medium sized vessels, and a marina is planned for the area. Two major hotels have already been approved for the South of St.Lucia, a Ritz Carlton just South of Laborie, and the Fairmount just North of Choiseul.


River Doree Beach could be a private retreat for just a few, a small resort community, or even St. Lucia's first luxury campsite. It would be an ideal place for a community-based tourism project which utilizes and enhances the existing archeological, historical, ecological and cultural resources by integrating educational field trips, cultural exchanges, skills training, appropriate technology, eco-tours and farm to table initiatives. With the right vision and commitment, River Doree Beach could stand out as a prime example of a successful contemporary tourism product which appeals to the sophisticated traveler and is embraced by the local community, today and well into the future.



Elements of a development might include:

  • Eco-lodges
  • Retreat Center
  • Private vacation homes
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Museum/Interpretation Center
  • Outdoor theatre in the old sugar mill
  • Art and craft village/studios for local artisans
  • Skills training center, vocational workshops
  • Meeting space and offices
  • Management, staff and volunteer housing
  • Nature trails
  • Organic farming; permaculture, agro processing
  • Renewable energy generation
  • Holistic Health Centre & Spa
  • Yoga deck and meditation platforms

Company and Owners

The 23 acres are owned by Park Estates Ltd, a St Lucia Corporation registered under parcel number 0420B 411. It is a private company limited by shares incorporated under the Commercial Code of St. Lucia No 6/1962. The Company’s sole asset consists of these 23 acres. The Company holds an Alien Landholding License.


River Doree Beach is a remainder of the historic Park Estate; a former copra, coffee and cocoa plantation. The Lawaetz family still owns the nearby Balenbouche Estate, now an acclaimed Eco tourism site. Having lived and done business on the island for over 35 years, the owners are intimately familiar with the property and surroundings. The Lawaetz family is eager to assist any qualified, responsible investor in acquiring and developing River Doree Beach.


St. Lucia

The 238 sq. mile Windward Island is located between Martinique and St. Vincent with an English and French patois speaking population of approximately 180,000.  It has been self-governing since 1967 and is part of the British Commonwealth. St. Lucia is well connected to the world via two airports. The international airport offers direct flights from the US, UK, Canada and Germany. Flight time from Miami is 3 hours 40 minutes. The calm, deep waters on the Caribbean side offer two state-of-the-art marinas and natural harbors.


From the iconic twin peaks of the Pitons rising from the sea, to breath-taking beaches set against lush rain forest covered mountain backdrops and thundering waterfalls, St Lucia is blessed with dramatic scenery. With this spectacular natural beauty and a unique cultural heritage, St Lucia has developed a flourishing tourism industry. In 2017 visitors to St Lucia rose by the highest growth rate in the Caribbean to reach a record 1.1 million visitors (out of which 386,000 were stay-over visitors). Highly acclaimed hotels and spas across the island have given St Lucia an excellent international reputation and attracted celebrities and further investment in the real estate market. Yet most of the island still remains authentic and unspoiled, something which locals are seeking to preserve. The interior of the island includes 18,000 acres of protected Forest Reserve. A mix of high end villas, resorts, small and medium hotels, guest houses and private rooms as well as a multitude of attractions and activities and a small but vibrant fishing and farming sector ensures that there is something for everyone.


Buying Property in St Lucia

There are no restrictions on foreign nationals purchasing real estate in St Lucia. Once you have made an offer on a property and that offer has been accepted, you will typically be required to pay a deposit of 10% which will be held in escrow. Foreign buyers will require an Alien Landholding License to acquire real estate in St Lucia, for which there is an application fee of EC $1,500 plus license fee which varies according to the size of the land from EC $5,000 (up to 1 acre) to EC $50,000 (100 acres +).  

Buyers are responsible for paying a one-time stamp duty of 2% of the purchase price to register the Deed of Sale, plus legal fees of approximately 4%. There is also a small annual property tax.

Foreign nationals can apply to become a permanent resident of St Lucia.

At the beginning of 2016, the government introduced a Citizenship by Investment

Program offering investors the opportunity to apply for full citizenship of St Lucia.



The progressive, business-minded Prime Minister of St. Lucia, Alan Chastanet, is actively seeking qualified investors to participate in the rapid growth of this unique island nation.

Significant incentives are available to any honest, professional investment partner. The St.Lucia Government has specific requirements that an investor and developer must satisfy. INVEST St. Lucia and other agencies are eager to assist a qualified and responsible investor throughout the process of realizing their project on the island.



The St. Lucia government recognizes the need for development and enhancing livelihoods in the South of St. Lucia, which is currently much less developed than the North. The River Doree Beach property can request approval for residential, agricultural, commercial purposes or a mix of the above. The application must be submitted to the Ministry of Planning Development Control Authority.


Environmental Impact Assessment

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for any projected development is required by the Government of St. Lucia. Guidelines for the EIA are obtained from the Ministry of Planning.





This offering extends to qualified buyer who can meet both the Sellers' and the

Government's requirements in a timely way. Property is sold "as is"; no vacant possession guaranteed. The Company is in Good Standing. Legal counsel is retained in St. Lucia and St. Croix, USVI.




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