Arnos Vale
EC$ 350000
US$ 129629.63
St. Vincent, Arnos Vale, Arnos Vale.
Arnos Vale
Listing status: active
Property type: residential
Property ID: 1426
Listing type: property for sale

Arnos Vale Residential House

This house is located in Arnos Vale in the parish of St. Georges, accessible from the gap opposite Dr. Ackie's Clinic.

The land area is 4,700 sq ft, shown on the plan as lot 4.  It is a two storey concrete building. 

The second floor has a floor area of 1,603 sq ft.  It accommodates three bedrooms, a living room,

1 bathroom, dining, kitchen and verandah.

The first floor accommodates a furniture shop and the ground floor an auto repair shop.

The property has potential to be converted into apartments as the location is easily accessible and convenient.


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