Cedar Retreat The Villa
US$ 300000
EC$ 810000
Bequia , Bequia, Mt. Pleasant.
Cedar Retreat The Villa
Listing status: active
Property type: residential
Property ID: 307
Listing type: property for sale

Cedar retreat is a retreat in the real sense of the word. Seek sanctuary from the world of traffic, discos, dogs, and roosters. Relax to the sound of birds during the day, tiny tree frogs at night, and the distant sound of the surf below.

The house is set on sloping hillside 200 feet above the ocean with a view of the Grenadine islands of Balliceaux and Mustique. Cedar Retreat is in the shape of a Geodesic dome and has a central open plan living area. The unique shape of the building with its web of interconnected beams is just one of the dome’s unusual features. A spiral staircase leads to a mezzanine bedroom suspended from the dome ceiling. Further steps lead up to a viewing tower. Fall asleep while counting stars through the large skylight directly over the queen-sized bed. Another great feature is the acoustics in the living room. The sound of the hidden surround – speaker system is highlighted by the geodesic interior shape of the living room. Bach’s fugue not only sounds terrific but also makes you feel as if you are inside a cathedral.

The most important feature of the dome design is coolness. It is shaded by huge cedar trees, and the sea breeze is funneled up the valley, in through the wide porch doors and out through the open viewing tower, keeping the interior pleasant at all times. The fresh water plunge pool is surrounded by two seating areas where you can always find shade during the day and enjoy a pinacolada and skinny dip at night.

A large fishpond lies between the dome-house and two wooden cottages. The fishpond not only adds to the ambience with its trickling waterfall and fountain but also functions as an extremely efficient mosquito trap. Millions of tiny guppy and larger koi-fish keep the immediate surroundings free of mosquitoes, and the few that escape are consumed by dragonflies. One of the cottages contains a queen size bed, kitchenette and bathroom. The other has a queen size bed and an office with WI FI fast internet.

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