Pleasant Top
US$ 650000
EC$ 1755000
Bequia, Belmont .
Pleasant Top
Listing status: contract
Property type: residential
Property ID: 281
Listing type: property for sale
Bathrooms: 3
Bedrooms: 3
Lot size: 30818 sq ft
House size: 3303 sq ft

Pleasant Top is an exceptional centrally located Bequia property built in 1991 situated 630 feet above sea-level at the top of Belmont Hill on Bequia Island, overlooking all of Admiralty Bay, Lower Bay, Port Elizabeth and significant parts of Spring, Industry and Park Estates, with views to the north beyond Bequia of most of St. Vincent down to the waterfront at Kingstown (9 miles away), a view to the west south west to Pigeon (Ramier) Island and a bit of Isle a Quatre.

There is no other location with a view to compare. The veranda is 70 ft long 12 ft wide, ideal for outdoor living sheltered from seablast, facing leeward with a minor protective hill to windward, never a need for air conditioning.

The property is fully equipped for full-time living or rental with lots of appliances, dishwasher, barbeque, etc.There are 3 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, kitchen-dining (with generous counter space) and an interior living area for those stormy days.

The building is of concrete and block construction with full gingerbread trim, teak beams throughout, with mainly teak and some classic Bequia built custom items such as the 8 seat dining set. One of the bedrooms and baths is in the separate lower-level apartment (440 sq. ft. Interior) with it's own patio, kitchenette and living-dining area, and septic system.

The somewhat stunning gardens are generous and mature with several fruit trees and a wide variety of tropic plants with the property fully fenced with drive paved to the door.

There is a pump & storage room, a workshop in the back of the garage and a 14' x 9' pool newly refinished.There is underground 120/240 volt service throughout, solar water heating (also for the pool), electric water heater backup in kitchen.

The larger than normal water cisterns hold about 40,000 gallons.The building is handicapped accessible entered on level from the fully paved drive.







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