Isle à Quatre
US$ 54000000
EC$ 145800000
Bequia, Bequia.
Isle à Quatre
Listing status: active
Property type: private island
Property ID: 226
Listing type: property for sale
Price: US$54 Million

Looking for a tropical island in the unspoilt Caribbean? We will give you the 'ins and outs' on this island and the island Life that could be yours.

Quatre Isle, also known as Isle a Quatre, is located at 12.57 degrees north, 61.15 degrees west in the independent country of St.Vincent & the Grenadines, a multi island state located to the south of the Caribbean archipelago 160 km west of Barbados.

Area and Dimensions
The surface area of Quatre Isle is approximately 376 acres. The length of the island is approximately 3 km (1.86miles) and varies in width between 250 m to 975 m. The coastal length is approximately 9.85 km (6.12 miles)allowing for a great number of properties to have direct coastal frontage. The highest point is approximately 146 km (479 ft) above mean sea level.

Located in a subtropical zone, the weather on Quatre Isle has an annual temperature of 28 degrees C, a maximum of 31 degrees C and a minimum of 26 degrees C.

Air Access / Sea Access
St.Vincent currently does not have an international Airport and the principal in transit airport is Barbados with connecting flights to Bequia (J F Mitchell Airport). The proximity of this airport to Quatre Isle is a major advantage, as it will provide easy access. The J F Mitchell airstrip is 3,600 ft long and 100 feet wide. The St. Vincent (E T Joshua) airstrip is 4,650 ft long and 150 ft wide. Other local airports in St.Vincent and The Grenadines are: Mustique, Canouan and Union Island. The Government has announced plans for an International airport in St.Vincent at Argyle. Direct charters from Martinique can be arranged.
The jetty in the village of Paget Farm, Bequia offers easy access to Quatre Isle. It will be restored and used as the main point from which Quatre Isle will be serviced, taking only 20 minutes by boat in sheltered waters to access the island.

No Customs Charges
The Quatre Isle Resort Company, its subsidiaries and all persons who purchase land on Quatre Isle ('purchase') are exempt from customs or other taxes on the importation of goods to Quatre Isle. This customs exemption provides a great fiscal incentive to the construction, maintenance, improvement and proper functioning of property and services on Quatre Isle. Customs charges in ST.VIncent and the Grenadines are ordinarily high.

Right to Permanent Residence
Every purchase of land on Quatre Isle and his/her dependants have the right to permanent status in St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

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